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E7® Nutritional Beverage Mix

“Discover the Nutrients Your Body Lacks”

As evidence continues to mount that isolated nutrients fall short of meeting our nutritional needs, it has become more apparent that whole foods containing combinations of nutrients working synergistically in their natural state are far more effective. E7™ is a “functional food” that provides seven nutrient groups that are insufficient in the average diet.*

  1. Enzymes — Necessary for proper digestion and utilization of food.*
  2. Vitamins (Coenzymes) — Organic vitamins necessary for enzymes to function.*
  3. Trace Minerals ( Cofactors) — Ionic minerals and trace minerals necessary for enzymes to function.*
  4. Protein — Absorbable protein provides the building blocks for the body.*
  5. Essential Oils — Necessary for healthy cell membranes, creation of hormones and proper detoxification.*
  6. Fiber — Helps eliminate toxins.*
  7. Probiotics — Support the immune system and help provide protection from pathogens.*

Until now numerous foods or products were required to even come close to the hundreds of natural components contained in E7™. Through bioceutical innovation, Integris has brought together seven nutrient groups into one product yielding an unparalleled super food contained certain to have a favorable impact on those who incorporate it in their daily diet.*

The statements on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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