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The Cleanse

“Help Eliminate Toxins That Promote Aging”

Aging and disease are caused by two factors: toxicities and deficiencies. It's that simple. These conditions take years to develop, and if they are ignored, poor health and premature death result. The heart of our mission is to develop nutritional strategies that address these two problems. We must begin by cleansing the toxicities and impurities from out body and restoring our system with super foods that feed us at the cellular level. Only then can optimal health be obtained.

The Cleanse™ is an effective eight-day program that improves overall health.* The program, which includes pH testing strips, directions, and recommended food schedules, features Cleanzyme™, E7™, Paragon™ and Aloe7000™. The Cleanse is available in any E7 flavor and with Natural or Strawberry/Kiwi Aloe7000.

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